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Sports Nutrition Counselling for Athletes Across BC, NB, N YT, NT, and NU.

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Every athlete should have a sports nutrition coach.

No Sweat Nutrition uses evidence-based nutrition strategies that help athletes optimize training, reduce risk of injury and illness, enhance performance, and improve overall health and wellness.

Academic and Professional Highlights

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Sandra Kilmartin is a running dietitian and International Olympic Committee graduate.

Sandra combines her athletic experience with her passion for nutrition to help athletes of all ages fuel their training, recovery, performance, and busy lives. Whether you are working towards your next marathon pb or just starting on your exercise journey, Sandra can develop a nutrition plan that suits your lifestyle and goals.
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Did you know...

“Dietitian” vs “Nutritionist”

Dietitians are provincially regulated health professionals that go through comprehensive and rigorous training to deliver evidenced-based advice, tailored to your goals and lifestyle. Unlike nutritionist, dietitian is a protected title across Canada. Sometimes dietitians use nutritionist in their job title (e.g. sports nutritionist) but not all nutritionists are dietitians. You might also see the spelling “dietician” - a common misspelling. Just look for the titles registered dietitian, dietitian, and RD to ensure you’re getting the highest standard of care.
Working with a dietitian

A simple process to work with a sports dietitian.

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We'll work together to create small, sustainable changes in your nutrition plan.
You'll receive a detailed receipt for reimbursement. Book your next visit to stay on track.

Are Dietitian services covered by health benefits?

Most extended health benefits cover registered dietitian services. Contact your insurer to see if your plan includes dietitian services.

Not Covered?
If you are not covered, registered dietitians are health care professionals recognized by the Canada Revenue Agency as medical practitioners for the purposes of the medical expense tax credit.

Services + Rates

One-on-One Virtual Nutrition Consultations
Personalized sports nutrition coaching that aligns with your lifestyle and goals.

70 Minutes

Receive personalized guidance, a detailed written summary of recommendations, and helpful PDF handouts.
Note: Reserved for first-time clients or if more than 12 months have elapsed since your last session with Sandra.

30 Minutes

Progress updates, and tackle any challenges you've encountered. Designed to fine-tune your nutrition strategy.
Note: Reserved for those who've consulted Sandra within the last year.
Performance Packages
For action takers that are serious about their nutrition goals and are ready to commit to multiple sessions for accountability and support.
Note: Performance Packages must be paid in full upon booking and used within 6 months. In addition to the full package receipt, we issue individual receipts after each appointment for insurance purposes.

Essential Performance Package

$370 CAD

$400 CAD value!

1 Initial Consultation + 2 Follow-Ups

Jumpstart your nutrition journey to enhance your health and performance.

Optimal Performance Package

$450 CAD

$510 CAD value!

1 Initial Consultation + 3 Follow-Ups

Designed for the dedicated individual seeking comprehensive support.
Group Presentations
Designed for all types of runners who are keen to learn the basics of sports nutrition to show up on their next start line fuelled for performance.
Are you a part of a local run club or store that would be interested in a sports nutrition presentation? Please contact us for group presentation inquiries.


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